My new old 1944 tax disc

Between them, my supportive engineer, Crispin Thetford and Gregory Powell of have made a present to me of a very special tax disc. DVLA are no longer issuing tax discs, so there is no need to have one on the car. As Crispin writes, “It is quite legal however to display anything one wishes…including an out of date paper disc: this one is exactly how Chattie’s paper disc wouldhave looked if she had been taxed at the Post Office in Castle Camps on 27th October 1944.”  Wonderful. My grateful thanks to Pin for thinking of it, and to Gregory Powell, who had already decided to donate something like this when he read about my Where They Served tour in the Hereford Times last week.  I’m highly touched and chuffed!


Have a look at Gregory’s website to see the fascinating options available for your vintage or classic car!


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4 responses to “My new old 1944 tax disc

  1. janet giles

    Strangely Dads birthday 27th October. JANET


    • Is it really? That’s rather nice. Crispin chose that date because it’s when 25 Squadron moved to Castle Camps from Coltishall. We don’t know exactly when Dad bought his Singer, but as he got it while at Castle Camps that’s the first of the possible dates it could have been. I wonder where your Dad was celebrating his birthday that year, and whether my Dad sent him a card?


  2. Anonymous

    Coincident, Dads birthday 27th October (Janet)


  3. Anonymous

    Coincident, Dads birthday 27th October


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