Flying Blind

‘Flying Blind: The Story of a Second World War Night-Fighter Pilot’
by F/Lt Bryan Wild and Elizabeth Halls with Joe Bamford
was published by Fonthill Media in 2014.

This all started because after Dad died in 2012 aged 90, he left diaries, log books, photographs and other memorabilia relating to his wartime flying career.  It fell to me to compile, research and edit his memoirs – an emotional process of entering into his wartime life, a part of him I knew little about. I now feel that all that is part of me.
I thought publishing ‘Flying Blind’ was the end of that special new connection I with Dad and his wartime life.
But it was only the beginning!
Following on from Flying Blind, I carried out the ‘Where They Served’ tour of the 60 airfields where Dad landed during the war – which is what this site is all about.

“Flying Blind” is available from Fonthill Media or Amazon and other outlets.

You can also buy directly from me by post.
I donate £1.50 for each copy bought through me to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Please use the form below for this, including letting me know if you would like a signed copy.

So do buy the book and PLEASE do leave a review on Amazon .

Elizabeth’s profile on Amazon
Go here to view Elizabeth’s author profile.

Do remember to leave a review on Amazon if you have read the book.


And finally – watch out for my next book, now in progress: ‘Where They Served: the Wartime RAF in Sixty Airfields’

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