According to ‘Action Stations’ (Chris Ashworth) Yate was a grass airfield used in in WWI for test and flight facilities for No 3 (Western) Aircraft Repair Depot.  It was abandoned after the war and taken over by George Parnall & Co aircraft company in 1925. My friend, Carl, from Wotton-Under-Edge tells me:

“I’ve had a word with our amateur local historian and the Yate airfield ran from what was Parnells (now the Indesit/Creda washing machine factory, up to the church. To the left of Station Road as you head thru’ Yate towards Chipping Sodbury.

“Parnells built biplanes during and after the first world war and by WW2 were manufacturing gun turrets. The airfield catered for despatching the planes direct from the factory i guess.

“The officers mess was in Pool court which still remains and is now used as a registry office i believe.

There still remains a building in Indesit that was rebuilt by the German prisoners of war (held on what was the common in Yate) after the factory was bombed in ’39. I understand there are also air raid shelters still standing there just by the gatehouse.”

According to Chris Ashworth, the gun turret operation was in place as war began, and attracted the attentions of the Germans.  A raid on the factory in September 1940 was foiled by the fighter Squadrons, in which 10 German losses were claimed, including 4 Bf110’s; while the RAF lost one Spitfire (pilot killed) and one damaged Hurricane.  The airfield escaped damage, however, and went on to be come the largest sub-contractor of Spitfire components in the country.

Carl tells me if I Google ‘Parnall Yate Airfield’ I will come across an aerial shot taken from German bombers after a raid in 1939. This is actually on a forum post: http://www.pprune.org/aviation-history-nostalgia/276126-abandoned-little-known-airfields-3.html  Yate aifield is now built over.  It looks as if, when I visit next year, I will be taking Chattie’s photograph in front of Morrison’s Supermarket.


6 responses to “Yate

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  2. Darren twigg

    Is it true that there’s a air raid shelter under creda and the entrance is at the back of creda.. please let me know thanks


    • Dear Darren, I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that, but it sounds very interesting. You could contact the parish clerk (search online) – he or she may be able to tell you, or put you in touch with a local historian who might know. Good luck with it.


    • Hello, Darren – I’m not sure which airfield you mean, but perhaps you’re talking about Yate? I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your question in any case. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that air raid shelters have survived. Perhaps you could contact the local historical society?


  3. I’m glad you reminded me. Though I still think I’ll head for Morrison’s.


  4. Dave

    Onky just found this! Indeed Poole Court is now a registry office – I was married their 24 years ago!


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