Apart from my generous SPONSORS and FRIENDS of Where They Served, I would like to thank the following for giving help and support in different ways.

The Holt Lodge Hotel, Wrexham

Fly Llanbedr at Llanbedr Airport , which has to be one of the friendliest airfields.





3 responses to “Supporters

  1. Matt Jones

    Hi Elizabeth. I’m a reporter for the County Times newspaper, I’m trying to get hold of you for a story. Could you please reply to my Facebook message or email me. Thank you, Matt


  2. That sounds great, Gary, and thank you so much. I met more MG enthusiasts at PreWar Prescott last year – a great crowd. I would love that. I was planning to have lunch at Portreath village somewhere, so that might be an option. Do you want to email me to make sure we keep in touch? ejhalls @ (without the gaps)


  3. I am a member of a local group, ‘Cornwall MG Owners’ Club’, and met you at the RIAT 2014 event at Fairford.
    As our group name suggests, we are all MG enthusiasts living in Cornwall and, whilst not an MG, Riley has a connection with the old MG factory in Abingdon, so I am following your preparations with interest via this website.
    I see from your schedule that you are due to visit Portreath and Predannack airfields on 22 June and I would like to propose that we as a group may meet up with you and potentially accompany you on your journey between the 2 airfields. Others may also wish to join us, but this is purely a suggestion at this stage.
    Please let me know your thoughts and hopefully we can keep in touch as your trip to Cornwall gets closer.


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