A Blenheim Summer at the RAF Club


I have just returned from London, having had the great privilege of attending a reception in aid of the RAF Association at the wonderful RAF Club. This was a launch of the book ‘Six Weeks of a Blenheim Summer’ by Alastair Panton Bacon, edited and compiled by his granddaughter, Victoria Panton Bacon: a highly recommended read. The book gives a detailed and atmospheric account of that turbulent period when the tide of war was rolling in the German’s favour over the Low Countries and France, and the Dunkirk Evacuation snatched British troops out of its seemingly relentless path. The book is a very personal account, showing the bravery and resourcefulness of Panton and his colleagues; there is humour, insight and sadness.  The reception on Thursday evening did full justice to the book and Victoria’s work in bringing it to print.

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