We have a schedule!

The schedule for the Where They Served tour, April to September 2015 is now out.  See it on my SCHEDULE page. Dates will change, as various airfield venues are consulted and the RAF Benevolent Fund and the various RAF stations have all had their say – but the shape of it should work. It includes 6 airshows and 13 currently-serving RAF Stations or training facilities. I have also added some stops which are not on Dad’s list of airfields, but they are perhaps some of the most important, as they are there to pay tribute to some of his closest friends who did not live to see the end of the war.


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4 responses to “We have a schedule!

  1. Anonymous

    Whoops not concentrating! I’ve bought a magnificent t5 vs camper van about 5 years old. I’m near enough to just about all the south coast locations and know all the northern ones as well, having visited most whilst taking some “diversions” on my way to vist relatives!


  2. Dave

    Il come and visit you at one of the shows – I have to try out my new (to me) camper van!


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