All-weather wear

Elizabeth is modelling Ground Control’s proposed solution to wet-weather driving without a hood: a World War I (we think) dispatch rider’s coat, which belonged to GC’s late brother, who probably bought it at a classic car auction somewhere in the dim and distant past. It’s so stiff and heavy it virtually stands up on its own.  It smells of old canvas.  The sleeves come almost to her knees. Elizabeth refuses to wear it for driving, and thanks Liz Heyer for her excellent alternative suggestions!



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3 responses to “All-weather wear

  1. Dave

    Sorry didn’t mean to be anonymous!


  2. Ha ha! Looking at the BBC article, I can tell you that ‘mine’ is nothing like the lighter fashion version. No, it’s not waxed, just extremely thick and heavy canvas-like material. I’m not sure what it’s actually made of, cotton or wool, it’s so unlike anything else I can think of. Weighs a ton, doesn’t bend easily. The fact that it’s about 10 sizes too big for me is neither here nor there; this one fits the words from the article where it says: ‘Their heavy greatcoats – long wool overcoats which had been regulation garments for British forces since the Crimean War of the 1850s – proved ill-suited to the desperate conditions.’


  3. Anonymous

    Is your coat waxed? Just reading this article in the BBC news site


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