RAF Old Sarum

At Shobdon show someone asked me about Old Sarum airfield, or RAF Old Sarum (which was also known as RAF Ford Farm).  Today it is still a civil airfield ‘Old Sarum Airfield’ and claims to be the second-oldest operating airfield in the country’.   Apparently there’s a new museum with an aviation collection http://www.oldsarumairfield.co.uk/site/full-news/298-aviation-collection-at-old-sarum.html – I would be interested to hear comments on this from anyone who works there or has visited.
There are some photographs of the old buildings on http://www.controltowers.co.uk/O/Old_Sarum.htm and a good history of it on http://www.laverstock-ford.co.uk/old-sarum-airfield—a-history.html .  Briefly it was started in 1917 (that’s the year before the RAF itself was established as such) and became a centre for training in co-operation activities with the army for reconnaissance and tactical purposes – this often involved low flying in unarmed light aircraft over enemy territory, which was extremely hazardous.   They were later formed into the Army Air Corps.   It’s another little quirky corner of the RAF that people tend not to have heard about.  These links should give you a start in any case, if you are interested to find out more.

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