Shobdon Food and Flying Festival

Thanks to all those people at the Shobdon Food and Flying Festival who came and talked to me.  I had a very interesting weekend and heard many stories about people’s fathers, grandfathers and even grandmothers who served with the RAF during the war in one way or another.  It was great to meet you all, and I hoped you enjoyed the day as much as I did.  It was a great show, a lovely mixture of vintage cars, food, crafts, community and of course flying.

It was touch and go that Chattie made it at all, but we got down there and back both days with her seemingly running beautifully and certainly without incident.  HOWEVER, when Ground Crew checked the car after it cooled, there was no water showing, so he put in over 1 pint. The oil dipstick was showing about 1 pint higher, so presumably the old problem had reoccurred. Right, he thought, go for bust. He added the Blue Devil again, in the knowledge that Crispin Thetford is going to take the head off in any case at some stage in the near future. It seems to have worked, but Chattie has yet to be tested!

Ground Crew took this photograph of Chattie this morning Imagewith her back-up vehicles and our excellent new promotional banners by ABC Print of Hereford.


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  1. Ian


    Wonderful stuff! Bring those banners to Prescott!


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