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Singer Le Mans Superb


I drove the thirty or so miles back from Malvern’s militaria convention yesterday evening; the first really substantial drive I’ve ever had in Chattie, and certainly the first such drive since getting her back from Thetford Motor Engineering after her thorough overhaul. What a drive! What fun! She handles beautifully, brakes on request, starts without a murmur, and I’m now getting the hang of it all: the gear double-declutch shifts, starting after only a short while on choke (a couple of minutes only on choke, then catching with the throttle when I push it in, after which she ticks over obediently, waiting…), the understanding of where she’s happiest, and knowing when the car is telling me a gear change is needed, rather than me telling her where I think it ought to be – which means we are not having so many arguments about it!

To top it all, the sun set on my westward way home, providing me with at least half an hour’s free drive-through movie. You’ll be relieved to learn that I pulled into a lay-by to share this view with you.

The Where They Served tour?  Bring it on!


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Renovating a Singer Le Mans?

No, is the answer to this question, posed by a couple of people, my cousin Janet for one.  The car, now nicknamed Chattie Chu Chu, has been extensively and lovingly worked upon over recent years and came to us in very good working order when we bought it in March.  Very good working order, that is, for an 80-year-old vehicle.  At the moment the rear brake lights don’t work – being fixed, hopefully, this Friday.  We’ve just had to replace the battery.  Other than that, she runs very sweetly.  It’s my driving that has to have a little bit more of an overhaul.  That double-dee-clutching!  Oh dear!  All I can say is, it’s getting better.

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