RAF Wrexham (or Borras)

There is no chance of landing at Wrexham airfield (or Borras as it was also known) as it is today. It is now a quarry.

Wrexham1webAs early as 1912 the racecourse here was eyed up as somewhere to take off and land a plane. It saw service in both world wars. Its position on high ground meant it was nice and dry when nearby airfields were bogged down in wet weather, and was excellent for night landing. During world war two it served in the night-time defence of the northern cities.

Dad landed here twice while he was with 256 Squadron; once during his stint with the ATA (delivery flight – see High Ercall below) in February 1942, and later in June of that year with RO Austin in a Beaufighter. My father did not get on very well with Austin and they parted company. Dad’s remark was ‘His transfer out of the Squadron was not unexpected.’ I’m intrigued, but have been unable to find out more! The relation between pilot and gunner or radar operator was critical.


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3 responses to “RAF Wrexham (or Borras)

  1. A similar fate to many other airfields. Interesting they didn’t get on! I guess it’s a common problem even in wartime.


    • I think the problem with Austin was that they didn’t really choose to work with each other but were thrown together by the circumstances. The other relationships, which worked well on the whole and brilliantly at their best, were chosen by mutual agreement on both sides.

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