Stop Press – ‘Dad’s’ Tiger Moth is back!

The Tiger Moth in which my father learned to fly in 1941 is going to be coming to PreWar Prescott again this year – WEATHER PERMITTING.  I am therefore CHANGING MY SCHEDULE TO MEET IT.

I will therefore now be attending the Royal International Air Tattoo on the Sunday only, 19th July.

The rest of that weekend will be as follows:

Friday 17th July – Kemble Airfield to meet Tiger Moth, (followed by pre-Prewar Prescott get-together)
Saturday 18th July – Prewar Prescott + evening Battle of Britain Victory Party and BBQ with flypast: not only ‘Dad’s’ Tiger Moth but also aerobatics display from a venerable Battle of Britain Hurricane aerobatics – see

Last year the heavens opened for Prewar Prescott and the Tiger Moth couldn’t make the journey from Norfolk. This year it’s bound to be a beautiful weekend, and therefore all being well I look forward greatly to what will be a touching occasion for me.

Tiger_M_6276130_origThis is a photograph of the actual Tiger Moth in which my father flew in 1941, now owned and flown by Paul Harvey. Amazing! I have taken it from the Prewar Prescott website – please let me know if there is a problem with my using it here.


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4 responses to “Stop Press – ‘Dad’s’ Tiger Moth is back!

  1. Tony Halls

    Ground Control, who is at base monitoring Elizabeth’s progress on her tour ( map and schedule in front of me ) would like to point out that she meant 18th April for Pre Prescott and not the 28th.


  2. Fantastic new that will be joining us for the day Elizabeth! I was just wondering about the fun you might have had to extricate yourself from Fairford after the show closes at 5-30, battle the traffic and get to Prescott in time for the Battle of Britain party! Of course, the Hurricane should have no problem – 17 nautical miles should take it about four minutes!

    While I am on, I received this today, if you haven’t seen it yet. A full scale documentary covering the visit to England by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Lancaster is to be released in the summer of 2015. If this trailer is anything to go by there will not be many dry eyes in the house. Turn the sound up to be REALLY loud…….


    • Hello, Ian. Yes, this is the only way, and now I’ve made the decision I’m very happy indeed to be joining you at Prescott for the two days. It’s going to be a great weekend all round; such a great crowd and beautiful setting. I’m glad you’ve got the weather pre-ordered this time around. Did you get my emails? I’ll try and ring you later as there are one or two things it would be helpful to chat about.


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