Schedules for Wales and Shropshire/Cheshire

My schedules are now in place for Group 1: North Wales (16th to 18th April) and Group 2: Shropshire/Cheshire (23rd and 24th April).  Please look at my Schedule page which gives the itinerary for each of these tours followed by the link to the most up-to-date overall tour schedule.


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6 responses to “Schedules for Wales and Shropshire/Cheshire

  1. Ah. Well, Duxford were charging £150 (or thereabouts, I can’t quite remember without looking it up) for me to be there, which I can’t afford. In any case it was an ‘extra’ because it isn’t one of the airfields where Dad landed – all the others are, so it was always an odd one out. I just thought that as I was visiting Castle Camps not too far away from Duxford, where Dad actually celebrated on VE Day itself (8th May), it would be nice to join the festivities for Duxford’s VE Day show. Never mind. There are still several other airshows on the list.


  2. Dave

    By the way i work at Filton – do you have all the contacts and do you know if they are publicising your visit? Many suuporters in there!


    • As for Filton, I’m glad to say that the Trustees of the proposed Heritage Centre are kindly hosting me for the afternoon and giving me a tour of things there, which I am very much looking forward to.


    • I don’t know if I have all the contacts – probably not! How can I tap into all those supporters, do you think? I have a press officer working with me for the tour, but all the help anyone can offer will be gratefully received.


  3. Dave

    Ah! It’s here already! Best of luck! But why no Duxford?


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