A mention of Squadron Leader Owen Hooker in this blog about Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins

Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins

Clobbered was a word Dad used often, usually referring to some rugby match where the team he didn’t support lost. But during June 1943, we find clobbered has a much darker meaning – because another squadron clobbered an enemy aircraft and a New Zealand pilot was injured. I initially thought this pilot had died but some research proves otherwise.

June 1943 was Dad’s third month with the 127 Squadron, having joined on April 7, and we find him buzzing around in a Hurricane IIB, as the sole pilot. Logbook entries for June 1-16, 1943 show him undertaking more convoy patrols. I have to admit I don’t know what these convoys were all about but I guess they were Allied ships coming to the North African theatre of war with fresh troops and supplies. And so the 127 Squadron was providing air defense and I think night defence of Egypt. I…

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  1. Dave

    Max Angels = maximum height. Probably a high level intruder needing interception. But I see his flight lasted 5 minutes (0.05 in his log).
    I (not being a pilot) might have written “would you bxxxxxx believe it?” But he was and his log is an official document so he had to be polite! Perhaps he was overheating again and had to get down just after takeoff.


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