Transmobile transformation!

We are delighted and astounded at the fabulous job that Transmobile have done on our Mercedes Sprinter carrier in re-spraying it to a mid-blue to match the RAF Benevolent Fund heart roundel.



As you can see, it’s – literally – brilliant.

Our thanks to Bill Stokes of Transmobile for a great job with wonderful care and attention to detail, and for generous sponsorship of the Where They Served project.



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2 responses to “Transmobile transformation!

  1. Tony Halls

    Great Relief that Elizabeth, Chattie and Sprintie arrived safely at Fairford. Good interview at BBC Hereford and Worcester en-route.
    Ground control can now switch off until Sunday evening when the three make the journey back to base.


    • with thanks to Ground Control for all the hard work to get us here. Great armosphere at the airfield snd everyone has been really helpful on getting Chattie off the Sprinter and settled in at the Cotswold Club enclosure.

      Elizabeth Halls Where They Served project and Heritage Arts & Leisure Services Tel 01544 267350 Mobile: 07795 324 575

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