Thetford Engineering work on Chattie’s brakes.

Ground Crew sent me over to Crispin Thetford, of Thetford Engineering, today, with our new brake cylinder, which needed modification to fit Chattie, even though it was the right part (in theory) for the car.  Pin bored out the inlet port on the cylinder to make it a bit larger and machined the banjo bolt to 1 thread difference, so it should now work and Ground Crew are ready to try again and fit it.  I hadn’t appreciated how individual vintage cars are; each one needs bespoke engineering in so many different areas.  This is a challenge all round, but Thetford Engineering will be giving Chattie a thorough and complete overhaul later this summer to prepare her for the airfields visiting next year.Image


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2 responses to “Thetford Engineering work on Chattie’s brakes.

  1. I’m sure that Crispin Thetford would love a day at Prescott but unfortunately he has badly broken his leg and is still recovering. This is the reason why he has not been able to give Chattie a thorough service and mechanical overhaul yet. We are relying on Pin to get to the bottom of the head gasket issue with the car – which we now know is fairly long-standing. Ground Control here used to take his Alvis cars to Thetford Engineering for tender loving care when required – they go back a long way and our trust in the Thetford’s skill and knowledge is very great. Get well, soon, Crispin!


  2. Ian

    Looks like Thetford Engineering are based in Malvern. Would they like to join us at Pre-War Prescott perhaps?


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