Halt, who goes there!

Dodging the rain showers yesterday, Tony, having fixed the head gasket leak with the application of the wonder-substance Steel Seal (and a few other brews for good measure) decided to give Chattie a test run into town.  Half way down the last bit of our steep track to the place where a metal barrier crosses the track, the brakes gave way.  Unlike me, who crawls down there in second gear, Tony was in third.  Pumped the brakes – no joy – crunched the car down into second gear and, after flirting with the idea of baling out and deciding he wouldn’t manage it, applied the handbrake and managed to skid to a halt. Brakes probably need bleeding after work done last week to fix the brake lights.  Glad I wasn’t driving – or with him at the time!  Bit more pumping and they were OK. Nothing daunted (or only a little bit) he went on into town and back.  So: brake lights, head gasket, now brakes. Still some way to go to get Chattie truly roadworthy.

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  1. Tony Halls

    The thought of having to face you if I had baled out was to scarey for words. I stuck with it and stopped in time


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