I’m too short!

The car is small, almost petite; so you would think I would fit it beautifully.  I have no problem getting in, unlike some of the men who’ve tried recently, for whom it’s a bit of a squeeze.  But Tony had to move the seat forward until I’m almost right up to the steering wheel, and I still have problem reaching the pedals comfortably enough to sustain a longer journey.  My right knee is twinging a bit, because it’s nearly straight while I’m driving.  I’m not that tiny – about 5′ 6″, and I never thought of myself as being short.  I can only assume that everyone who’s driven it before doesn’t mind having their legs almost straight to reach the pedals. So Jon at our garage is working on extending the pedals.  He’s managed to add another 1.5 inches to the clutch and brake but the accelerator pedal is more difficult.  Having driven the car over there yesterday, it’s in for the weekend now while he has a look at it.  I wonder if there’s anyone else out there with a vintage car that has the same problem?

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